All You should Know About MSP Airport Taxi

MSP Airport Taxi stands for Minneapolis/St. Paul airport taxi. They may be more than a decade old taxi enterprise serving inside the Minneapolis region. MSP Airport Taxi may be the no.1 taxi offering Airport cab operations in that location. Minneapolis/St. Paul airport is among the busiest airports inside the USA. It is actually the most significant airport in regions of Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin. Therefore MSP Airport Taxi cover a wider region to give services to millions of persons.

Services Provided

The main service of operation of MSP Airport taxi is pickup and drop services to and from airport. It strives to be the no1 Airport taxi in Minneapolis. Although they offer other services, this is their main interest. Some other services offered by them are a point-to-point drop, tours, custom dedicated services, weddings and others. They operate in the twin cities of Minneapolis-Saint Paul and their surrounding areas.


The great advantage of this taxi service is their location. They are situated at Pillsbury avenue, Minneapolis. They have quality drivers who can cut through traffic at ease. Their goal is to provide their clients with a worry free and efficient trip. They use the latest technology to analyze traffic and try to use the quickest route available. They’re authorized by MSP Airport to carry out taxi solutions within the airport. Only a few cab companies get this provide.

Fare and Payment

They have a fare estimation service on their website. People can check the travel length and price fare by giving the pickup address and destination address. The mode of payment is passenger controlled. They can choose the type of payment to be made by them. They offer non-emergency transportation and wheelchair accessible service 24*7 throughout the year. They provide a discount of 15% for airport rides. Some in the different vehicles used by them are a taxi, suburban SUV, Lincoln town.

Persons can book their taxi in advance through their website. But the only thing to know is that online bookings cannot be done after 9 pm. They have many business executives and leisure travelers on a daily basis. They have hundreds of cabs with experienced drivers. They also have one-day tour packages for tourists which covers all the activities from airport pickup to final drop after the tour. They have 24*7 reservation number through which we can call and book a taxi. The contact number is (612) 871-8888. If you are planning to visit Minneapolis or nearby areas or happen to live there, then MSP Airport taxi is among the list of best means of transport in that region.

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